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Because post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has shaped most of my adult life, I want to help people understand that this is not relative only to first responders, the military and people affected by armed conflict. It’s also not something only found among survivors of abuse and ‘obvious’ trauma. It’s far bigger than that. And my own journey towards, through, and mostly out the other side – hey I’m still evolving here – is what I know others can learn from.

Jo Hassan – Author, Speaker, Small Business Lifestyle Expert

Full Circle: Building Resilience in Business and Life from the Jagged Edges of PTSD

Building Resilience in Business and Life
from the Jagged Edges of PTSD

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Be Inspired To Find Your Own Resilience

Jo Hassan did not just ‘arrive’ as the vibrant pink personality she is so well known for. Through her life’s journey, you’ll read of wisdom and strategies that you too could embrace. The Girl from the small English Village, met and married the Man from Cyprus in Far North Queensland, and soon after inherited a 12 year old step-daughter – a very lonely and distressed girl from Turkey.

This resulted in step-parenting in a culturally diverse family unit, with constant troubles along the way led to postnatal depression (PND), and ongoing issues with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) when Jo finally had her own baby. And yet Jo found ways to work through these, and business challenges over a 20 year period to become the ‘Queen of Resilience’.

For Jo, the colour PINK has long been her ‘go-to happy place’ and became a strong component of her ability to work through her PTSD. In this book she shares the background and how she overcame the struggles to be “the sum of all those parts”… to evolve and now share her how. If you struggle with mental illness or know someone who does, this book may be helpful. And especially so if you or they are a small business owner.

Prepare to be shocked by some of the Jagged Edges Jo describes, but ready to also laugh at the surprising co-incidences that make up Jo’s delightful story, and how she arrived at creating the PEPP® formula for finding your own resilience in life and in business.

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Sad Jo Hassan
In this easily readable book Jo Hassan beautifully describes her life’s journey across continents and cultures. It is written with candour and empathy. Many readers will be able to identify with the challenges and hardships she has faced over the years. That she has triumphed over them is no surprise.

Ultimately, the message that comes through is one of optimism, hope and the value of persistence. Being the remarkable woman that she is, her own observations and experiences have provided her with a unique capacity to offer valuable insights to others facing difficulties be they be in life, relationships or business.

This is a book that needs to be read over and over again because you learn something new each time.

Dr. Tom George, Psychiatrist
Jo Hassan Pictorial
Jo Hassan Biking
Jo Hassan Drinking Tea

Another symptom I had was no apparent love for my baby or anyone in fact. I was numb. All the time. I knew he was a handsome baby but I didn’t feel anything for him. I was existing on ‘mothering autopilot’ somehow.

My many years of supporting others with the big juggle of personal, family and business life has lead me to come up with a term I call PEPP® as an indicator for goals, progress towards them and decision making. PEPP® is an acronym meaning Purpose, Energy, Pleasure and Profit.

PEPP® is a tool that helps you think about your values before doing any activity. And I mean any activity. In business or outside of business.

Jo’s book is a powerful personal story about the real struggles of dealing with PTSD and mental health issues. It sheds a very real insight into mental health and trying to manage a blended family over many years complicated by pursuing her business aspirations. Her story parallels mine and many others in the same predicament as the causes may be different but they manifest themselves in the same way for most people.

This book could be the catalyst you need to make some positive changes in life if you are affected by any mental health issues, particularly if they are impacting on your work life. This book is easy to read and had me engaged from the start to the very end: a powerful read!

Bill Blaikie, Lieutenant Colonel (Retired), MNZM, Author and PTSD Advocate

It takes great courage to tell a story that is so personal. Jo Hassan’s Full Circle is an honest and raw account of determination and resilience despite the circumstances. The personal insight into PTSD and useful strategies into pushing through when the going gets tough is an inspiring read for all.

Martin Brooker, Commodore (Retired), CSC, RANR, Founder and Director Quench Group

A true story of an English village girl, travelling to the other side of the world to experience life, love and lows, both personal and professional. Jo talks openly and honestly about mental health and PTSD, business challenges, motherhood dilemmas and takes you through how over 30 years she rose above it all to come full circle. A heart-warming read.

Daryl Elliott Green, twiceshot.com

An engaging narrative of personal and professional development. Jo Hassan relates how, in responding to adversity, a resilient self evolves. Fashioned by connectedness, synchronicities and community, it is eventually drawn back to its original source – a full circle journey.

Michael Finn, Michael Finn Health Services

We won’t ‘heal’ PTSD by looking away from it, but perhaps we make a good start by looking at it, and then through it for a solution. And in this book Jo has the courage to do just that! Thank you for such an honest and inspiring read!

Julie Cross, CSP, Professional Speaker and Author

Jo is the epitome of resilience and walks her talk.

For those who know Jo, she always has such a beautiful, vibrant and bright energy around her that makes others feel alive. In this book, she goes under the hood to share her personal journey to show that despite what may seem like the perfect life, that always life isn’t perfect. It’s about how you deal with those imperfections that matter.

Whether you’re a business owner, leader, parent, spouse or friend, Jo’s experiences provide insight into her genius of rising above your circumstances to create a life and business full of life energy and vitality. Even better is that you get to learn how you can too.

Jane Anderson, CSP, Personal Branding Expert and Author

Full Circle is filled with an endearing story of surviving and overcoming adversity to thrive in the world. PTSD is one of the world’s greatest challenges: it’s time to take action and thrust mental health services into a higher level of service towards anyone needing help. Well done on a great book, Jo.

Sally Foley-Lewis, Productive Leadership Speaker, Author and Mentor

I really enjoyed this book. Jo Hassan has shared her story in a style that made me feel that she was sitting across the table having a fascinating conversation. This is a “warts and all” account of one woman’s journey through life and business. lt helps us to understand what PTSD is and how it is possible to not onlv survive, but to thrive because of all the chanqes made along the way.

Susan M Green, Founder Verdant QBooks, Bookkeeper, Writer, Health Practitioner

What an inspiring and open book. Thank you Jo for your honesty and willingness to share your story. So many people are afraid to open up about their mental health and it’s refreshing to see such honestly. A great read…. I would recommend this book to all my friends wanting mental health healing…

Sam Brown, Owner, The Pet Resort

This book shares the story of life – the ups, the downs, the hopes, the doubts and the realisation that we are here to experience it all. Congratulations Jo – your courage to share your story is fantastic.

Chris Wildeboer, Founder of Balance Central, Author and Speaker

A very honest, heartbreaking but at the same time positive read. My sister’s life chronicled… how I wish I was not on the other side of the world. An inspiring book which I hope helps other people who are suffering or who have suffered from PTSD, postnatal depression, depression or other challenges.

Paula Tripp, Jo’s Loving Sister

It is fantastic that you have written this to heal yourself and, of course, hopefully to help others.

Myrna Evans,

I just wanted to let you know Jo that I enjoyed your book, so thank you for the privilege. You have been through much more than I realised. I think talking to yourself out loud is good therapy. There have been times when I have found myself doing that. I would say out loud “Get up and get out of this house” and one step outside the gate and I felt so much better being in the fresh air. I also used to find something bright to wear because that also made me feel better. Funny that we have done some of the same things to help us get through a debilitating time.

My two favourite colours are bright pink and orange and when I am shopping I am naturally drawn to those colours on clothes racks. It is wonderful that Zoe has come back into your life in an appreciative and loving way. Well done to you. Keep wearing pink, keep smiling.

Margie Patterson,

Jo is an inspiration to us all and her book is a must read for anybody who is or has suffered with mental illness of any form.

Peter Short, Lifelong friend and fellow sufferer

This is an incredibly wonderful and brave book. An honest, positive and enlightening account of surviving and overcoming adversity – with a dash of humour. Definitely one to keep handy and re-read when looking for inspiration.

Tanya Penrose,

Congratulations on sharing your story Jo. It was insightful, educational and inspiring. Full Circle will help anyone to understand more clearly what people can go through that don’t necessarily show obvious signs of struggle when dealing with PND and PTSD.

Smile anyway hey Jo!!! And always ask for professional help was an important message.

Shelley Lumley,

I loved that this book is so conversational. I truly feel you have brought out you in it. I can really feel knowing your personality that it shines through.

It is extremely heartfelt, I love the anecdotes and I love the way that you’ve made the book in easy chapter form so even for myself where I’ve had to put it down and pick it up around the busy-ness of life, it’s very easy to do that.

Kim Skubris, MC, Coach, Journalist

I couldn’t believe that Jo had been through so much and we didn’t know! It’s so sad that she and others in her situation feel the need to keep mental illness a secret. Hopefully this book will help people seek the help they need rather than feeling weakened by asking for it.

Cheryl Mulally,

Jo courageously opens the door to her inner sanctum on her PTSD and PND experiences, and her ability to overcome adversity. Passionately written, the book explores the impact and hardship of relationships when one gains independence, versus the naivety of growing up in a small English village.

Jenny Delgado, Friend, former neighbour, assistant and confidante

A brave and honest story about picking up the pieces of your life after trauma. Jo – you made me laugh and cry. Thank you so much for sharing such a big part of your life. Wonderfull!!!

Lara Watson, Cleanpak Total Solutions